Tommy was born in 1957 in Stuttgart, Germany to a German mother and an American father. His interest in music began when he was 9 years old when he taught himself drums, practicing on old pots and pans and any other objects that made noise when hit! When he was 12 he took some guitar lessons from his sister's boyfriend leading him to form a schoolband “Spitfire“. He recorded his first LP when he was 16 with the band “Nirvana Pancake“. He got his first record deal when he was 19 with the German/ Italian band “Sphinx“, during his time with the band he also won various nationwide band competitions. In 1981, he auditioned as guitarrist for the band “Fargo“, got the job and therefore moved to Hannover where they recorded the album “F“.

In 1983 Fargo disbanded and together with the bass player from Fargo, Peter `Fargo` Knorn, Tommy founded the rock band “Victory“ which went on to have international success with tours all over the US and Europe and well over half a million record sales.